Selected polish publications concerning St. Vincent Pallotti and pallottine charism, recommended especially to young people and animators of youth ministry in order to develop a pallottine common profile of the youth apostolate. 


Selection by: Pallotti Institute (Fr. Mariusz Małkiewicz SAC), Polish Province of Christ the King, time slot – from the 90s up to now. 


  • Amoroso F., Bogdan F., Od nicości do pełni w Bogu (Dal nulla al tutto. Il cammino spirituale di Vincenzo Pallotti), Poznań 1991 – „a mixture of quotations, reflections; a bit of history, a bit of analysis, a lot of prayer to facilitate a direct contact with Pallotti”. 

  • Amoroso F., Bogdan F., Wincenty Pallotti, świętość w służbie apostolstwa (Una santita’ per l’apostolato. Scritti scelti), Ząbki 1995 – a vita of Pallotti and a selection of his writings at an angle of the apostolate. 

  • Bogdan F., Jak złoto w ogniu, Warszawa 1992 a portrayal of Pallotti as the Saint „for our times”. 

  • Bogdan F., Znad Tybru na podniebne szlaki, Ząbki 2000 – a literary novel about „a silent pioneer of a loud work”. 

  • Mickiewicz F., Jedno życie to za mało, Poznań 1994 – biographical novel „about times and the person of Pallotti” – on occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Saint . 

  • Parzyszek Cz., Pallotti, prekursor apostolstwa świeckich, Ząbki 2005 – a scientific elaboration about the essence of pallottine charism – universal vocation to apostolate, in wide historical context, based on Pallotti’s life. 


  • Stawicki S., Sześć dni, rekolekcje z Don Vincenzo, Ząbki 2012 – a sui

    generis textbook of six-day retreat “with Don Vincenzo”, conducive to

    a discovery of “the holy cooperation”. 

  • Zarzycki S., Duchowość pallotyńska a duchowość chrześcijańska, Ząbki

    1996 a short brochure about pallottine spirituality. 

  • Wallhof H., Kupka J., Święty Wincenty Pallotti, Zwiastun przyszłości, 1991 an inspiring folder with pictures and text by Fr. Wallhof in

    perspective of requirements an needs of the contemporary man”. 

  • Wróbel J., Święty Wincenty Pallotti, Apostoł i Mistyk, Poznań 2008 –

    apostolic and mystical dimensions of Pallotti’s life and sanctity. 


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