Feed the hungry

On January 1, to ring in the New Year our youth group got together to

help those who are less fortunate than we are. This year we had an

Arctic Vortex where the temperatures were as low as 9 degrees. With

such low temperature our youth group was concerned about those who had

to bear through the cold with little food and clothing. Being a part

of the Pallottine family we wanted to follow in St. Vincent's footsteps with helping the poor and so we decided to put together bags of supplies and food for the homeless. For these bags we decided to make sandwiches. People from the age of 14 all the way through 25 worked together to make these sandwiches and put in juice and a snack, as well. Although the food was important, because of the extremely low temperatures, we thought that adding socks and gloves to the bag would be just as useful to them. Lastly in the bags we included prayer cards that included words of hope and faith and which we had hoped would encourage them through this cold weather. All of this was done with both Fr. Peter Sticco, our priest and our youth group leader and a member of the UAC, Mary Reed. They both made sure that we had the proper supplies and the means to get the bags to people who truly needed them. A couple of members of the youth group and Fr. Peter went to New York City to hand out these bags. Every person who received a bag was grateful which made our whole youth group even more eager to continue doing more work like this no matter how big or small.


Rachel Ramos and Tristine DiBlasio


Our Lady of Grace Youth Group, Fairview, N.J.


Commission for Pallottine Youth Apostolate

Casa Generalizia
Piazza San Vincenzo Pallotti 204

00186 Roma, Italia