Annual Meeting in Curitiba

From 10 to 12 July 2013, the members of the Youth Commission gathered together in the Major Seminary of "St. Paul the Apostle" Province in Curitiba, Brazil, for their annual meeting. The following members were present: Fr. Andrzej Daniewicz (WA), Fr. Jean Bertrand Etoundi (CN), Fr. Andy Givel (CH), Fr. Rashmikant Nayak (RA) and Fr. Martin Manus (General Consultor).

The reports submitted by various members regarding the activities related to Youth Ministry at the continental levels have shown that there is a growth both in the spirit of collaboration and in the consciousness of the Pallottine identity in this field. They appreciated in particular the initiatives in India, Poland and South America and the proposal for the organization of Youth Ministry in Africa.


The site and the facebook page of the Commission are very visited and have facilitated communication between the members of the Commission and young people all over the world. A proposal by the head of the Pallottine Youth apostolate in Brazil, Mr. Marlon Roza, regarding the profile and organization of Pallottine Youth Ministry was also discussed. The collection of useful materials for the Youth Ministry of the Society is growing and it includes books, essays and presentations and they can be also found in the above web page of the Commission.


In 2014 there will be a workshop on the theme: "The Pallottine charism in Youth Ministry" at the International Centre for Pallottine Formation (“Cenacle”) in Rome for all the confreres engaged in Youth Ministry.

Finally, the members of the Commission drew up the programme of the "Day of the Commission" for the meeting of Pallottine Youth in the parish of St. Joseph in Curitiba, which will take place before the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro. The confreres of the Commission greatly appreciated the great hospitality and fraternal spirit that live in the Major Seminary in Curitiba, which has also contributed to the success of the meeting.


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