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We have worked well during the past three days. The new logo, the facebookacccount and the new website created. We look forward and remain in contact.

Commission for Pallottine Youth Apostolate (CPYA)

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    Fr . James banu bodula (Donnerstag, 05 April 2012 02:47)

    Hi this is fr James from Canada , I am Indian pallottine working in Canada for the last three years. At present I am working at st .Maria Goretti church in Devon & I am the pastor,in the archdiocese of Edmonton. I have about 25 youth who would like to go to Brazil for wyd. Please helpe me how to go about whom to contact.

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    Fr. Andy Givel (Donnerstag, 05 April 2012 06:33)

    Dear Jeames please contact me:


Commission for Pallottine Youth Apostolate

Casa Generalizia
Piazza San Vincenzo Pallotti 204

00186 Roma, Italia